It's so easy!

When I first began my photography business, my clients were given a CD with their photos loaded on it, and it has been that way since. However, times change, and the CD is becoming obsolete. Computers are no longer equipped with CD drives, and the same goes for most photo printing kiosks. For this reason, clients will now have the choice between digital downloads or a flash drive. If you aren't familiar with a flash drive, it is pretty much a "new and improved" CD that plugs into any USB port. Digital downloads are included in your package, but you can choose to upgrade to a flash drive for an extra $15 if you still feel that you need something tangible (you can see my custom flash drives in the photos below!). I know that digital downloads can sound a bit intimidating to some, but the good news is there is nothing to fear, and it's super easy!

There are actually very few differences between CD and digital downloads. With a CD you just pop it into a computer and the photos show up in a file. With digital downloads, you just simply click a few buttons on my website and save your photos to a folder on your computer or cell phone. Still just about as easy as popping that CD in. With digital downloads you can also save your photos to your own flash drive or your cell phone if you would like. This is a big advantage over the CD! Here are a few other little pieces of info about digital downloads.

  • You can still keep your photos FOREVER. Save them wherever you like and print them as many times as you want. 
  • Digital downloads will not effect the photo quality! You will still have high resolution photos.
  • You will still receive your printing rights, and private online gallery. 

To conclude this little lesson, please do not fear digital downloads! I have an instructions page that is easy to follow, and I am always happy to help. The beloved CD will be missed, but we must move with the changing times. Thank you!