Fresh 48 Session Prep Guide

Fresh 48s are some of my most favorite sessions! I love them because they are just that: pictures of a very fresh and new babe usually done within the first 48 hours of life! Babes change SO MUCH in those first days, so I love being able to capture that brand new goodness for parents and families!

When to contact me:

  • Get in touch with me via email or cell (texting or calling) once you are admitted to the hospital. I know A LOT is going on at this time, but when your partner gets a chance, have them get in touch with me. This will give me a nice heads up to adjust my schedule, if needed, for your Fresh 48.
  • Once your sweet babe arrives, shoot over a text or give me a call so we can lock down a day and time. Fresh 48 sessions are done within the first two days after baby is born at the hospital (keep this in mind when planning when you will be checking out of the hospital). When you have a minute after things settled down, get in touch so I can get you on the calendar. Please keep in mind, Fresh 48’s take place during the morning hours or first thing in the early afternoon.

Preparing for your Fresh 48 Session:

  • Feed baby right before my arrival and change diaper.
  • Try to tidy up by the window and bassinet. I’ll start with babe in the bassinet, most likely by a window, if available. The less clutter in that area, the more quickly I can get to photographing your babe and the less distraction there will be in the photos. I may move things around in the room if needed.
  • If siblings are joining for the session, I recommend having them come 15-20 minutes after I am set to arrive. This gives me time to get all those shots of your sweet baby by his or herself without big brother or big sister getting antsy. Arriving halfway through also makes for sweet photos of siblings seeing their new baby.

What to wear:

  • Baby does not need an outfit, It is not necessary for you to have any outfits for baby. Don’t feel like you need to worry about bringing anything if you don’t want to. I bring a few swaddles, hats/headbands with me.
  • Go with what you are comfortable and feel good in. I’ve had mamas in robes, jeans and a tee, dressed up and just about everything in between. It’s your session. You do you!
  • Neutrals are always a great place to start. Creams, browns, tans, chambray and gray are timeless and photograph really well in a hospital atmosphere when you aren’t sure what colors will be in the room and possibly in your Fresh 48 photos.
  • I do recommend steering clear of bright and neon colors as they color cast onto skin and can be distracting in photos. Neutral, earth tones or jewel tone colors and one or two family members wearing a simple print.
  • Shirts with lettering or distracting graphics or patterns take the attention of photo away from that new bundle of joy. Unless that piece of wardrobe has a super special meaning, I always recommend keeping it simple.
  • I am more than happy to help! Reach out to me as you plan your wardrobe for the Fresh 48 session & I can answer any questions, help you get started or send some links your way with ideas.